Darcy Oake is an illusionist from Winnipeg, Canada. His audition for Britain’s Got Talent 2014 was making doves and women appear out of thin air. Afterwards, Cowell called Oake, “Without question the best magician ever on Britain’s Got Talent.” His audition has been viewed over 31 million times on YouTube. For his semi-final act, he performed a teleportation illusion. The act placed him in the top three and after a split judges’ vote it was revealed he was in second place. This sent to the final making Oake the first ever magician to make the final of Britain’s Got Talent. His performance in the final Oake was titled “Time of the Essence” where he was hung upside down within an open human bear trap. He escaped in 52 seconds, right before trap closed, which would have killed him. Oake came 5th overall (8.5%), the closest a magician has come to winning Britain’s Got Talent.